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Elaine is an Associate Executive Director at Orange Tee & Tie real estate agency, leading over 100 agents.


Aspiration, leadership and experience marks her 26 years in this industry. With an ambitious beginning, Elaine was the founder of the real estate company,

“Under One Roof” in 1998, as she sought to establish her footing in the market. Unfortunately in 2003, SARS hit the industry and her company hard, bringing it to a closure. However, this was not the closing chapter for her. 

“Fall down seven times, get up eight”,

was the phrase which kept her going and also one which is fitting of her subsequent ascend. Elaine then spent close to a decade as a Division Director in Coldwell Banker and ERA, when she actively contributed to the company and grew tremendously in her leadership capabilities.


In search of greater opportunities for her team and herself, she moved on to Knight Frank when she served the company as a Senior Division Director. During her time there, she consistently finds herself as one of the top few Senior Division Directors as she leads the second biggest division in Knight Frank. 



A high achiever and ambitious woman, Elaine actively seeks for new opportunities and challenges which will stretch the bandwidth of her team. Elaine was attracted by the tech-savvy and close-knitted culture of Navis Living Group, when she made the bold move to cross over to Orange Tee & Tie real estate agency as an Associate Executive Director. Elaine was ranked amongst the Top 3 achievers of the company in her first month there. 

As a leader, Elaine feels a sense of responsibility towards those under her charge. With a wealth of experience under her belt, she selflessly shares her knowledge to her agents and leverages on that to groom and nurture the next batch of leaders. She demands integrity within her team and strives to build a strong team of associates who not only do business together, but do life together. It is no wonder why she was recognised as the Top Recruiter of the company in Q3 2019. 


Elaine Goi_Q3 Top Recruiter.jpg

Even though her passion lies in the real estate market, she also has many interests which she pursues in her free time. A mother of 2 children, she spends time watching movies and playing Squash with them. Occasionally, she also picks up a book or two from her favourite author, John Maxwell. But more often than not, Elaine would be seen catching up with the latest news all over the globe to satiate her interest in global affairs. 


An experienced leader who has a heart for people, Elaine currently spends much of her time at Navis Living Group and is invested in not only developing herself but also to bring her team to greater heights!

Come fly with Elaine, in NAVIS!  


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