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Elaine Goi: Taking on new challenges 

Elaine Goi is a go-getter. Her distinguished career history includes working in the media industry for 7.5 years, and 25 years in the real estate industry, including owning her own real estate agency and most recently, held the position of Associate Group Division Director at a multi-national real estate agency. Elaine believes that with the abundance of opportunities that OrangeTee, and her division Navis, has to offer, it is now time for her to take on new challenges and that this will bring about maximum growth for her people.

As a leader, Elaine has always felt a sense of responsibility to her people who have entrusted their livelihoods to her. With the rapidly changing real estate landscape, she believes that it is important that her team evolves and learns continuously from the best. Even though she spoke with sage composure, we could sense her excitement in being part of this historic move that will take her team to the next level.

Elaine values her people, understands their strengths and deeply cares for them to have the best possible platforms to perform at their fullest potential. While she extols the virtue of hard work, she also reminded us, “My associates work hard and play hard. We don’t just do business together; we do life.” logo.png
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