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Exclusive Distributor SodaStream Singapore

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I have known Elaine Goi for about 20 years now. Elaine has managed a few  "Buy / Sell / Rental" of our real estate investment over the years. As a business owner and mom of 3, I am usually busy and Elaine is a very good fit for our family in our investment needs. I would summarize Elaine's strengths in these words:  Responsive, integrity, market knowledge equipped and understanding (she puts herself in the client's shoes).


Responsive: Elaine has a way to manage her work, being on top of the commitment she has given us.

Integrity: There is no hidden agenda and Elaine is trustworthy.

Market knowledge: Elaine has been in the depth of the market. We receive historical and current market data swiftly.

Understanding: Perhaps one of the most important attributes that books and even experience cannot teach... Elaine ‘wears our shoes’. 


I look forward to many more years of this relationship!

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