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Senior Associate District Director

Alvin Khoo_F.jpg

I got to know Elaine while I was in KF Property Network as a Division Director. At that point of time, we were a separate division. After getting to know her more in depth, I realised that Elaine is a helpful and approachable leader who has a vast experience in the real estate market.


Elaine is a down to earth and practical leader who leads by example. She has assisted and given me valuable advice in some of my more complicated commercial deals and high profile landed transactions. 


She has also given me various platforms to let me have more exposure and improve my leadership, presentations skills and sales techniques. Always helpful, approachable and knowledgeable, she is one leader that I am grateful to have!


It has been a wonderful 5 years under Elaine’s leadership and I hope that there will be more successful years to come!

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