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Elaine is an Associate Executive Director at Orange Tee & Tie real estate agency, leading over 100 agents.  


Aspiration, leadership and experience marks her 26 years in this industry. With an ambitious beginning, Elaine was the founder of the real estate company, “Under One Roof” in 1998, as she sought to establish her footing in the market. Unfortunately in 2003, SARS hit the industry and her company hard, bringing it to a closure. However, this was not the closing chapter for her...


As our team’s name suggests, we are firm believers in the power of UNITY. We are not only interested in building an individual’s career, but we are invested in building teams that are cohesive and competent. 

Here in UNITE, we build ourselves upon 3Cs...

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Her diligence, conscientiousness and amiable nature all augur well for her role as a trusted advisor in the profession.

Jay Ong

Jay Ong

Elaine comes upon to me as an all-time veteran who “walks the talk” and is a GREAT example to the younger agents as a Mentor, be it in sales or management.

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Elaine is a down to earth and practical leader who leads by example. She has assisted and given me valuable advice in some of my more complicated commercial deals and high profile landed transactions.

Nanz Chong Komo

I would summarize Elaine's strengths in these words:  Responsive, integrity, market knowledge equipped and understanding.

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